Lonar Shikashan Prasarak Mandal


Tq. Lonar, Dist. Buldhana, 443302

Department of English


       English is the most important language at present. It is considered as the “lingua franka” and also as the “window to the world”. English is a language of the latest knowledge in every field. There is hardly any country in the world in which English is not taught. It is commonly accepted that English is very difficult subject for the Indian learners. The teachers of English face many problems while teaching. How to cope with this is a main problem in front of the teacher of English language.

       In the college, Department of English has a prominent place. The subject is taught as a compulsory language to both faculties at junior and senior level. In view of rural background of the students, the subject is taught according to the need of the students. In the last academic year various activities are organized by the department. Such as seminar, group discussion, interviewing skills, reading skills, speaking about personal life. Emphasis is given on mastering the four basic skills of language learning. Especially grammar is taught to the students FY. Email Id of the students are made. The teaching of the language is ICT based and for the purpose Computer, internet facilities, mobile phones are being used. Audio and video of various poems, speeches and lectures are used.

       The department takes utmost care of every need of the students. The teachers strive very hard to provide assistance and guidance. Unit tests, seminars are held regularly. The teachers participate in numbers of seminars, conferences, workshops, at national, international levels and publish and read their research papers. The department is also preparing for NAAC Assessment and Accreditation process with the help of colleagues, from other departments. Under the kind guidance of principal Dr. S.G. Bade and head of the department Prof. P.S. Nalinde, English department is working sincerely.


       At the compulsory level the Department aims at enabling the students… To consolidate the language element already acquired.
To comprehend English text’s moderately advanced nature.
To develop written and spoken communication skill among student.

At the optional level the Department aims at…

Promoting the ability to comprehend and analyze English

text’s of an advanced nature.
To improve language proficiency in students.
Enhancing interest in literary, creative and critical activity.
To help them to get better job opportunitie